I got a templated control (a repeater) listing some text and other markup. Each item has a radiobutton associated with it, making it possible for the user to select ONE of the items created by the repeater.

The repeater writes the radiobutton setting its ID and NAME generated with the default ASP.NET naming convention making each radiobutton a full 'group'. This means all radiobuttons are independent on each other, which again unfortunately means I can select all radiobuttons at the same time. The radiobutton has the clever attribute 'groupname' used to set a common name, so they get grouped together and thus should be dependant (so I can only select one at a time). The problem is - this doesn't work - the repeater makes sure the id and thus the name (which controls the grouping) are different.
With this JS method, you can set name with a constant name. And that s solved :) 
    function set_radio_name() {
        $("[type=radio]").each(function (i) {
            var name = $(this).attr("name");
            var splitted = name.split("$");
            $(this).attr("name", "sec");

    $(document).ready(function () {